Pokemon Go
With scavenger hunts, treasure hunts comes the Pokemon hunt. This is the trendy, the amazing, and the special 2016 hunt! We’ve been running around looking for pokemon and catching them. For many of us it’s been an exercise while for others it’s been an exhausting adventure. Still can we “catch ‘em all”? Hello, every pokemon catcher out there. This post is dedicated to the new “hunt” we began some time ago. While some countries still don’t have access to it, they are desperate to find pokemons in all the areas they travel in. All those who are playing it, here are a couple of cheats, tips and tricks to make sure your gaming is stronger and better than your friends!

The first thing you need to do is hunt for pokemon in parks. It has been noted that amusement parks and other public places are common territories of the pokemon. They like to live in the natural environment where they feel at home. You can catch them there in a second!

The next thing you need to do is hunt with a couple of friends. It is impossible to catch all the pokemon in the world alone. Why not tag your best friend along. He’s gonna love you for the exercise you guys have together!

Radar ring is one feature you can use at any time of the day and night to hunt your favorite pokemon. Hunting at night is a cheat you want to follow because that is the best time to catch them with less people around.

Parking lots and moving leaves are a sign of pokemons nearby. Get your smartphones ready to hunt those babies down!